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Farnham Maltings 50 th Birthday

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Farnham Maltings 50 th Birthday

Farnham Maltings is a creative arts center in the heart of the market town of Farnham in Surrey. They encourage the people of Farnham to make the best art they can.
Farnham Maltings consist of large rehearsal spaces, Great Hall, 15 artist studios,pottery,cafe and cellar bars. May 11,2019 Farnham Maltings is celebrating its 50 th birthday. Farnham Taxis will be busy with carrying visitors to the glorious celebration events hosted at Farnham Maltings.

Farnham Maltings Programs
They host regular programmes of creative performances, also work with a number of regional theatres and produce new work for new audiences. Some of the Farnham Malting Programs are

  • Folk Dance
  • Roots and Acoustic Music
  • Blues and Jazz Music
  • Cinema
  • Stand up Comedy
  • Children's Theater
  • Festival of crafts,unravel,sugar craft
  • Festival of quilting and gardening
  • Annual Christmas Fair

Both as a community arts and entertainment venue Farnham Maltings work with artists in many ways. They support creative businesses,artists and craft-makers. Also produce ,commission and tour national theater.
Taxis in Farnham are the perfect way to travel at your leisure to Farnham Maltings during celebration events. Enjoy your May weekends at the creative world of Farnham Maltings and have a wonderful day.