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Taxis Story: Black & Yellow Beauties

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Taxis Story: Black & Yellow Beauties

A car that can be hired to carry passengers to a requested destination is referred to as a Taxicab , Taxi or Cab.The system of hiring carriages starts from 1640, Nicolas Savage in Paris firstly offered Horse -Drawn carriages and drivers for hire.And Hackney Carriages Act was the first legislation passed for controlling horse-Drawn carriages for hire in England. yellow-cabs-nyc-01 The device invented by German inventor,Wilhelm Bruhn in 1891,for measuring the distance or time a vehicle travels ,named as Taximeter is the inspiration for the name Taxicab.World’s first dedicated taxis was built by Gottlieb Daimler in 1897 called Daimler Victoria.Later it was owned by Friederic Greiner who started first motorized taxi company.

Why Taxis Wear Yellow Suits?

To standout in the crowd,Harry Allen was the first person to paint taxis with yellow colour.Later people widely accepted that colour as the representation of public carriages.

Black Taxis in London

cab-203486__340   In remembrance of the old horse cabs,many people still call traditional Black taxis as Hackney Cabs.The FX3 is the classic London Taxi,FX3 was produced in black as standard with buyers having to pay extra for special colours.For cab owners who buy large number of vehicles they prefer black to avoid an extra expense and these paved for black beauty taxis in London as a historical remark.

Common Taxi Cabs

Toyota prius,Volkswagen Passat,Citroen Berlingo Multispace,ford Mondeo,Audi A8,Ford Galaxy,Mercedes E-class,Mercedes V-class,Skoda Octavia,Skoda Superb are currently the best cabs for taxi drivers considering the comforts for passengers.The most common taxi cars  in UK are:  
  1. Toyota Avensis
  2. volkswagen Passat
  3. Skoda Octavia
  4. Vauxhall Astra
  5. Honda Accord
No doubt taxi cabs have certainly come a long way since 1640 with the Horse-Drawn carriages.The only thing that has changed really is the technology used.America is one of the biggest countries for Taxi cabs,with an estimated 51,000 cab drivers only in New York. The  situation is similar in UK ,India ,China or Japan.Taxis in Farnham,Uber,Ola… whatever the cab companies,form of transport that we think ,will never fade away and holds a very bright future.